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If you have a loved one with a disability, you most likely wonder what will happen in the event of your incapacity or death:

How can I make sure my loved one has excellent care
and supervision when I can no longer do so?

How can I make sure my loved one has the best quality of life
possible and that their best interests remain a top priority?

How can “extras” be provided without jeopardizing
my loved one’s government benefits?

How can I assure a smooth transition of care to others and avoid family conflict?

How can I incorporate these plans in my overall estate plan?

These and many other concerns are answered by establishing an Affirmative Life Plan. Our professionals at C.K. Quade Law understand that every family faces unique challenges which is why we developed the Affirmative Life Plan. It is a comprehensive, flexible and affordable way to help ensure your loved one is well provided for at every stage of life.

Other benefits of an Affirmative Life Plan (ALP):

• Discover available resources and benefits you may not know about.

• We help provide direction and clarity.

• Make cost-effective use of your network of professionals and service providers.

• Incorporate your dreams and hopes for your loved one with special needs.

• Develop goals for education and services.

• Utilize a team approach involving family, professionals, and legal counsel.

Our Affirmative Life Planning Coordinator has worked extensively to provide
assistance and advocacy for individuals and their parents throughout Idaho.

For additional information:
Affirming Life and Planning for the Future of a Loved One with a Disability

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